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If you already know about the new Online Teaching Certificate, please feel free to book your place on our new training course for 2020.


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New Paradigm Education are currently seeking qualified EFL/ESL teachers who wish to gain valuable experience in the online environment.  In order to find the best teachers they can, they have curated a professional development programme which will also serve as a selection process.  Globalised English is proud to deliver this training which is modular, each of the three stages are optional.  Teachers are currently paid £20/hour, working from home. 


Working with the IISA (International Independent Schools Authority), New Paradigm Education have put together a comprehensive training programme for anyone who’s serious about teaching online, whether that’s working for yourself or with one of our partners.  There’s no other training you can find which offers the practical experience of participating in group sessions as well as actually facilitating classes.  We provide carefully prepared seminars and the programme also includes nearly 30 hours of practical training including direct experience of live classes.  


The training for the Online Teaching Certificate is being delivered by Globalised English and the course has been accredited by the IISA.  Amongst other things, the IISA are the biggest TESOL provider in the world offering guaranteed positions for those who complete their training successfully.  

Community Classes

Globalised English is an organisation which is currently at the leading edge of online teaching.  What makes them different is their style and their experience of facilitating online groups. Foreign schools are responding very positively to their work and this year they launched an international exchange project via the internet, they have signed contracts which are set to multiply dramatically next year.  Already working with schools around the world, they are now embarking on a process of recruiting teachers, ready to meet future demand.  It is anticipated that they’ll need 40 – 60 new teachers by September 2020.

New Opportunities

Widespread redundancies due to Brexit mean that many teachers are looking to investigate the possibilities of working online.  However, the skills required to facilitate an engaging class via an electronic interface are not the same as those generally required in the classroom.  

In order to prepare for the rapid growth of this sector, we’re seeking English teachers to begin this training programme.  Clients expect teachers with a very strong sense of humour, a genuine passion for learning and a contagious attitude to education. Hosts of classes must be extremely comfortable with the online format and able to use the technology effortlessly.

What we’re looking for…

The ideal candidates will:

  • Be enthusiastic to share English with students from every possible culture.
  • Speak clearly and accurately, able to moderate their speech for different levels. 
  • Show genuine enthusiasm for living happy, healthy lives.  Teachers serve as role models showing real passion for learning and a desire to make the world a better place.
  • Have experience of learning at least one other language. We find it’s difficult to truly empathise with students’ learning experience if teachers haven’t already been engaged with the process of acquiring a foreign language.  Non native English teachers are welcomed.

This winter, we are welcoming English teachers to participate in the first modules of the training programme which will also serve as an extended interview process.  Even if you’re not finally successful in securing work with Globalised English, these modules will prove invaluable, developing professional skills ultimately transferable to any teaching role.  New Paradigm Education has highly exacting standards in order to ensure that our clients find the best educationalists found anywhere.

Our search for excellence…

We are currently seeking teachers who would like to hear more about this process to join us for a webinar where you can meet our facilitator and get a firmer idea of what to expect.  The Online Teaching Certificate composes three stages and we are currently accepting applications to participate in Stage 1.  If you want to ask further questions about the training below detailed below, you can join one of our free 30 min webinars scheduled over the next few weeks:

Those considering entering this programme will undoubtedly wish to 
meet our Founder and learn more about our company and the training process.


You’re free to join any one of these webinars to find out more:

2019: December 14th, Saturday 10:15-10:45.

2019: December 15th, Sunday 19:30-20:00.

2019: December 17th, Tuesday 20:30-21:00.

2020: January 4th, Saturday 10:30-11:00.

Send us an email if you would like to receive the links to the forthcoming webinars.

Alternatively, you can immediately book your place for the Stage 1 training which will take place over three weeks in the new year.  

Start 2020 with a new qualification and the possibility of a new career and take your language skills to people around the world from the comfort of your bedroom! Some of our teachers have already been invited to go and work abroad after facilitating Globalised English’s online sessions for secondary schools.

STAGE 1 Training Schedule – Online Teaching Certificate

2020: January 5th, Sunday 19:30-21:00.

2020: January 12th, Sunday 19:30-21:00.

2020: January 19th, Sunday 19:30-21:00.

Book your place for the IISA’s Online Teaching Certificate here:

Choose stages:

STAGE 1– Online Teaching Certificate

Three seminars introducing the basics:                                                          £100

  1. Introduction to Zoom – 90 minutes                                                                                                

    Here we’ll provide a thorough introduction to how the software can be used effectively.

  2. Introduction to Communication 2020 – 90 minutes                                                                

    Over the years we have developed a programme of refined communication techniques which are designed to protect students from educators who unwittingly create hostile environments through a simple lack of awareness.  There’s an enormous responsibility on educators and team leaders in general to be aware of the power of their language to shape their team’s experience.  

  3. An Evolutionary Approach to Education – 90 minutes                                          

    As a subsidiary of New Paradigm Education, we have a radically different approach to education than is commonly employed in schools and universities.  We consider modern times to be fertile ground for adopting ground-breaking approaches.

– Online Teaching Certificate

Deepening the practice of online education:                                   £300

  • Communication 2020 – Practice Group – 10 x 60 minutes                                                    

    Based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication, this is a programme which we intend to share with students next year, teachers will need to be well versed in this practice before being able to lead these sessions.  As with learning any language, mistakes are made along the way and a safe container is required to develop real proficiency.

  • Practical Workshops – 10 x 40 minutes

    In these sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to facilitate a class and see how it feels to be in the driving seat. These also provide an excellent opportunity to see a variety of teachers share their approach and how they bring their personality to the fore.

  • Live Classes – 10 x 40 minutes              

    Sitting in on our live classes with students as they work with us from their classrooms around the world.  During these sessions you will be able to participate in the class as one of the students and see what the experience is like from their perspective.  Participants will interact with students and join the activities providing a real feel for the online environment and our classes.

STAGE 3 – Online Teaching Certificate

Preparation for working as an examiner:                                      £600

  • On the job experience – 3 months

    The IISA are currently developing a new proficiency test which being rolled out over the next few years.  Already providing a range of different tests to schools around the world, the IISA aim to improve the validation of speaking skills for foreign learners and provide accreditation based on confidence, comprehension and clarity of expression.  This speaking proficiency component will accompany their well-established paper based exams.

  • Final Training – Intensive training course.

    This final stage is an immersion experience where we deepen participants understanding of the IISA’s approach to education and calibrate expectations for exam entrants.
Choose stages:

Everything is optional

There’s no necessity to complete all three stages of the Online Teaching Certificate, each module provides sufficient training for the next stage of your career. Globalised English hopes to find at least 10 good teachers to help expand the company in 2020 and the IISA is potentially looking for a significant number of examiners to host online exams which will be a first for young foreign learners.

Thanks for reading this far… we really value your interest and we hope to hear from you and see you at one of the forthcoming introductory seminars.