We have the best English course you will ever find anywhere!

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Interactive Online English Course – for Intermediate Students and Above

The ‘Keep-It’ Course – Thursdays 19:00 GMT (UK Time) on Zoom.

A linguistic gym to improve your mouth’s muscle tone.
A weekly exercise workout to keep your tongue muscles in shape.


Each week, the 90 minute lesson has a different theme…

For example: Work/Career, Health and Lifestyle, Friends and Family, Relationships.

Lessons begin with a weekly catch-up with other students. Each week includes games and exercises with vocabulary and grammar points, many activities are in ‘breakout rooms’ with pairs and small groups of three or four.

Before each lesson, we send a short film to watch or an article to read.  At the end of the lesson, we look at this material and have discussions in small groups.

You’ll never miss a lesson because recordings are available after each session so you can review the lesson or watch it when you have time.

1 lesson = £10.00;  1 month = £75 – 5% discount;  3 months = £170 – 25% discount;
6 months = £290 – 35% discount;  12 months = £450 – 50% discount = only £5/hour!

If you have already been one of our students you get a further 50% off!  You only need to have had one private lesson to claim this further discount.


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If you want to have one-to-one lessons, you can receive personalised tuition designed to meet your personal requirements. Undoubtedly the fastest way to improve your English.  Please send us an email if you’re interested.