The Global Debate

The Global Debate provides an opportunity to speak with people from all around the world on subjects which affect everyone. Globalised English has been working with students from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Japan, China and South Korea.

The Speak-For-Yourself Debating Society presents:


These sessions give offer English students the opportunity to have higher level discussions with native speakers while English people gain a rare opportunity to converse with adults from around the world.  Native English speakers are respectfully asked to be patient if asked to clarify they point or repeat themselves.

Debating is one of the best ways to improve your use of language and your powers of critical thinking. Test your ideas with other people who are there to both challenge and be challenged.

Ten Hot Topics for early 2019

This House Believes That:

Capitalism is evil. (Thursday 14th February)

Britain should leave Europe. (Thursday 21st February)

5G technology is too dangerous. (Thursday 28th February)

A Universal Income would be a disaster. (Thursday 7th March)

Compulsory education is slavery. (Thursday 14th March)

Immigrants should assimilate. (Thursday 21st March)

The #MeToo Movement was bad for women. (Thursday 28th March)

Universities are becoming useless. (Thursday 4th April)

Social media should be banned. (Thursday 11th April)

Centralised banking should be illegal. (Thursday 18th April)

Thursdays 20:00-21:15 GMT (UK Time) on Zoom.

So far, the discussions we’ve had have been extremely respectful. We embrace differing viewpoints and encourage the exchange of ideas, even when those can appear extreme. The idea of a debate is to test the strength of an argument by making a point as effectively as possible. Anyone overcome by emotion could be warned and even ejected from the conversation if incapable of communicating respectfully.

You can join us for these 10 upcoming debates for just £30.

Please use the link below:

We actively promote and encourage:

  1. Genuine discussion of diverse viewpoints.
  2. Fact-based challenges to our pre-conceptions.
  3. Voicing of personal perspectives using “I” speech.
  4. Self responsibility – “I think, I believe, I feel…” 
  5. Collective evolution through genuine exchange of ideas.

We actively warn against and discourage:

  1. The use of labels and ad hominemattacks and other logical fallacies.
  2. The taking of offence.
  3. Blame through ‘You’ and ‘They’ language.
  4. Hatred of any kind.
  5. Grandstanding, lecturing, bullying, preaching.